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pastorHistory of Bethlehem Baptist Church

Bethlehem Baptist Church was established in 1834.  Since its establishment, 30 pastors have served the church.  Rev. Frank Hicks has been guiding the helm of our church since 1982.  Bethlehem Baptist Church has stood strong through the centuries, striving to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community as well as in every part of the world.

The Ministries of our Church








VISITATION: Meet each Thursday evening at 6:30 at the church. We have visitation teams that go and visit and witness to win people to the Lord. Bro. Greg Watson heads up our visitation program and would be glad to have you join him on Thursday evenings.

CHURCH OFFERINGS: The offering taken during the Sunday School hour goes to the  church treasury for all expenses and upkeep at Bethlehem.  The offering taken during choir singing, and before worship, goes strictly to our pastor.  Bethlehem does not have a set amount for our pastor, and per agreement, Frank preaches only for God, and what the congregation chooses to give him through their love offerings.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our Sunday School rooms are located to the left.  We have classes for all different age groups, from one year old to seniors.  There is also a mixed class in the main sanctuary for those who are not able, or choose not to move.

CD MINISTRY: If you know someone who is shut-in, but would like to be ministered through the listening of CD’s in their home, check with Jerry Gardner.  He heads up our CD ministry and will be glad to make arrangements for the CD’s.

LIBRARY: Would you like to hear a service from a few months ago, or watch a video?  Our library, is located in the old sanctuary to your right off the old stage. 

MEAL MINISTRY: When there is a death, the ladies of our church want to help by fixing a meal.  We serve for members, parents, spouses, and children of our members.  We always stand in need of help with this ministry.  If you are new to our church and want to help with this check with Cindy Torbett or Gail McConkey.

PANTRY: Our church wants to help people in times of need.  We have a pantry downstairs, we receive food items each week to help those who have a need for food or basics.  We give out baskets every year at Thanksgiving to help many families in our area.  Don & Lisa Whittington are the ones in charge of this ministry.

CHURCH CHOIR: We do not have an “organized” choir.  Anyone who wants to come and join us is welcome.  Even if you can’t sing.

SPECIAL SINGING: In addition to our choir, we always have special singing during each service.  Our church has been truly blessed with talent.  We have over twenty-five special singers or groups, and each one is a true blessing.

YOUTH SUNDAY: Every fifth Sunday of the month is set aside as “youth Sunday”.  Our kids take over the services, and each class is asked to have a young person to teach.

BUSINESS MEETINGS: We have monthly business meetings on the first Wednesday night of the month.  If you are a member of this church, you have as much right as anyone else, to be involved in these meetings.

DEACONS’ MEETING: Our Deacons meet on the first Tuesday night of the month.  If you have something you need the deacons to check about, let them know, they can’t do anything about something they don’t know about.

NURSING HOME MINISTRY: Once a month, East Tennessee Nursing Home and  Wood’s Nursing Home are visited by some of our members.  They have a time of testimony, praise, prayer, and music.  Helen Belcher and Jo Stakely head up this ministry and are always glad to have new participants. 

WMU: The ladies of our church have a great opportunity for mission through our WMU.  We meet the fourth Sunday afternoon of every month.   We have a mission work every month.  We also attend the quarterly meetings.

CHURCH NEWSLETTER: Each week we have a “bulletin“.  If you have prayer requests or announcements please contact Robert Jones by email @ jonesrobd@gmail.com.  Deadline for announcements and requests is Friday by 5:00 p.m.

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