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Senior Adult Luncheon & Fellowship: This Wed Jan. 25th, 11:45am in the fellowship hall. Lunch will be provided. Sign up sheets on the table at the entrances.

Wednesday Night Fellowship & Prayer Meeting: We will be meeting in the fellowship hall. There will be coffee and doughnuts provided. 

Youth Sunday: Jan. 29!

Valentine’s Day Dinner: Feb. 11th, 5pm at the Family Life Center. sign up by Jan.29th.

Love Conference for women. Feb.24-25, More info on the table at the entrances. See Heather Carey if you have questions.

New 2023 Bible Reading Plan: It’s never to late to start reading the Bible. There are two Bible reading options that are printed out and on the table at the entrances of the Sanctuary for you to choose from. Please take one!

Sunday, January 22, 2023: We will be holding a meeting this morning right after the service to discuss the upcoming mission trip to Guatemala. The trip dates are set for June 20th to 27th. We hope to see everyone there to discuss further details and answer any questions.





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