Vacation Bible School
Dates: Sunday, June 2 – Friday, June 7
Cost of VBS is Free
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Supper will be served each night.

This Summer kids will focus on some amazing encounters with Jesus while on a wilderness adventure like no other! Each encounter is like a snapshot-a specific moment in time captured on the pages of scripture. So grab your camera and zoom in on every kind of animal you can think of “In the Wild”.
The adventure of a lifetime awaits this summer at Bethlehem Baptist Church! Everyone welcome! Classes for all ages!

VBS Day 1



Our children had a great 1st day of Bible School as they learned songs, played games, and studied about Jesus. Tonight they encountered Jesus in the Temple as a young boy and discovered that he knew why He came. He was to do God's will while He was on earth.

They also heard about missionaries and learned that this week's VBS offerings were going with our mission team to Guatemala to help those children have Bible School.

We can't wait to see what they'll encounter tomorrow night as they Zoom In! and Focus on Jesus! Please join us.

VBS Day 2



Today our kids encountered Jesus at the River and learned that He is the Son of God. They also learned some new songs, played some exciting games and had a delicious burger down at the Watering Hole.

Please join us tomorrow night as we continue our journey In The Wild.

VBS Day 3



As the sun set on the third day of VBS, our kids learned that Jesus proved He is God's Son by walking on the water. They also got to hear from another short-term missionary in our church, Buck Collins, as he decribed the work he'd been involved with down in Guatemala. Our youth are helping sort and pack clothing to take to Guatemala on an upcoming mission trip. And we closed the night with a young man being baptized. We can't wait for tomorrow night. Hope to see you there.

VBS Day 4



We are continuing to have a fantastic week of fun at VBS. Tonight our students encountered Jesus at the Tomb and learned that He rose from the dead.

Down at the watering hole, Miss Connie and her crew were serving up some delicious tacos and nachos. Meanwhile, outside Mr. Al was setting up some fun games for recreation.

Just a reminder that tomorrow night, Brother Jake will be opening our VBS by sharing the Gospel with our kids. Also don't forget to bring a towel and change of clothes because the volunteer fire department will be on hand to get us WET! See ya soon!

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